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Title Subtitle Call number Author Illustrator Series Book type Subjects
1,000 Facts About Wild Animals 590 But Butterfield, Moira Butterfield, Moira Nonfiction Animals; Birds; Insects; Fish; Camouflage; Marine animals; Reptiles; Animals, desert; Animals, rain forest; Amphibians; Animals, baby;; Mammals; Animals, wild View
1,000 Years Ago on Planet Earth 909.1 Col Collard, Sneed B. III Hunt, Jonathan Nonfiction Cultures, world; History, world; History, medieval View
1001 Things Everyone Should Know About American History 973 Gar Garraty, John A. Nonfiction United states--history--miscellanea View
The 100 Best Brain-Boosters Puzzles and Games to Stimulate Students' Thinking 371.33 Moo Moore, Helen H. Brown, Rick Nonfiction Puzzles; Games; Brain, human; Thinking; Students View
The 100 Book Race EC Gif Giff, Patricia Reilly Sims, Blanche Fiction School; Reading View
100 Events That Made History Memorable Moments That Shaped the Modern World 909 Hib Hibbert, Clare Nonfiction Ancient history; Inventions; Renaissance; History; Revolts; United states--history--revolutionary war; Internet; View
100 Events That Shook the World A History in Pictures of the Last 100 Years 909.82 And Andreas, Robert, ed. Nonfiction Photography; History, world; History, modern View
100 Greatest Moments in Olympic History Special Children's Collector's Edition 796.48 Gre Greenspan, Bud Nonfiction Sports; Olympics; Sports records; Sports stars View
100 Monsters in My School E Bad Bader, Bonnie. Hendrix, Bryan, illus E School; Witches; Ghosts; Vampires; Sharing; Counting View
100 People Who Changed America 973.009 Sch Scholastic, Inc., ed. Nonfiction United states; Heroes; United states--history--miscellanea; Scientists, famous; Americans View
100 People Who Made History 920.02 Gil Gilliland, Ben Nonfiction History; History, twentieth century;; People, famous; Modern world View
100 Things You Should Know About Cats & Kittens 636.8 Par Parker, Steve Nonfiction Cats; Pets; Kittens; Cats, breeds; Cats, caring for; View
100 Things You Should Know About Dogs & Puppies 636.7 Bed Bedoyere, Camilla de la Nonfiction Dogs; Animal communication; Dogs, breeds; Dogs, caring for; Canines View
100 Things You Should Know About Insects & Spiders 593 Par Parker, Steve Parker, Steve Nonfiction Insects; Spiders; Bugs View
100 Things You Should Know About Reptiles & Amphibians 597.9 Kay Kay, Ann Nonfiction Crocodiles; Turtles; Snakes; Reptiles; Lizards; Amphibians; Animals, cold-blooded;; Scales View
101 Amazing Optical Illusions Fantastic Visual Tricks 152.1 Jen Jennings, Terry Pang, Alex Nonfiction Tricks; Optical illusions View
101 Creepy Creature Jokes 818.54 Sti Stine, Robert L. Taylor, B.K. Nonfiction Ghosts; Monsters; Jokes View
The 101 Dalmatians Smi Smith, Dodie Fiction Dogs; Rescues; England; Puppies; Good vs. evil; Animals, baby;; Dalmatians View
101 Dalmatians E Dis Disney, Walt. Disney, Walt, illus E Dogs; Thieves; Rescues View
102 Goofy Jokes 818.54 Mat Matthews, Morgan Matthews, Morgan Nonfiction Jokes View
10 Black Dots E Cre Crews, Donald. Crews, Donald, illus E Imagination View
11 Experiments That Failed E Off Offill, Jenny. Carpenter, Nancy, illus E Science experiments View
The 11th Commandment : Wisdom from Our Children / E Kor Korinchak, Sandra, ed. E Ten commandments; Children; Imagination View
13 Gifts Mas Mass Fiction Cousins; Collections; Paranormal;; Conduct, proper: ; Youths View
13 Scary Ghost Stories SC Car Carus, Marianne Xuan, YongShen Story Collection Ghosts; Stories; Tales, scary; View
The 13th Floor Fle Fleischman, Sid Sis, Peter Fiction Witches; Time travel; Orphans; Pirates View
150 Opening and Closing Prayers 242 Koc Koch, Carl Nonfiction Giving thanks; Prayers View
1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving 973.2 O'Ne Grace, Catherine O'Neill, and Margaret M. Bruchac. Brimberg, Sisse, and Cotton Coulson, photographers Fiction Thanksgiving; Pilgrims; Wampanoag indians; United states; Native americans View
A 16th Century Galleon 623.82 Hum Humble, Richard Bergin, Mark Nonfiction Sailing ships; Sailors; Warships; Shipbuilding; Galleons; Officers; Crew View
A 16th Century Mosque 297 Mac MacDonald, Fiona Bergin, Mark Nonfiction Islam; History, islam; Mosque; View
The 18th Emergency Bya Byars, Betsy. Fiction Bullies; School; Misadventures View
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Ver Verne, Jules Fiction Adventure; Exploration; Submarines View
200 Ideas para pintar y dibujar 745.23 Wat Watt, Fiona Barlow, Amanda, et al. Nonfiction Painting; Drawing View
2016 Book of World Records Epic Wins and Fails 032 Mor Morse, Jennifer Corr Nonfiction Facts and trivia; World records View
2095 Sci Scieszka, Jon. Smith, Lane, illus The Time Warp Trio Fic Time travel; Future View
26 Fairmont Avenue EC deP dePaola, Tomie dePaola, Tomie 26 Fairmont Avenue Easy Families; Children View
26 Letters and 99 Cents E Hob Hoban, Tana. Hoban, Tana, illus E Alphabets; Numbers View
The 290 Fic O'De O'Dell, Scott Bryant, Samuel Fiction Sailing ships; Civil war, the; Battleships; Military, united states View
365 Science Projects & Activities 507.8 Per Perry, Phyllis Sasaki, Ellen Joy and Chicko, Terri and Joe Nonfiction Science experiments; Science; Science projects; Experiments View
The 39 Clues: Beyond the Grave (Book Four) Wat Watson, Jude The 39 Clues Fiction Codes; Secrets; Inheritances; Sisters; Brothers; Encryption View
The 39 Clues: The Black Circle (Book 5) Car Carman, Patrick The 39 Clues Fiction Mysteries; Treasure; Russia View
3 Billy Goats Gruff . . . or 3 Strikes, Yer Out! 398.24 Dew Dewan, Ted Dewan, Ted Nonfiction Folktales; Trolls; Goats View
4B Goes Wild Gil Gilson, Jamie Edwards, Linda Strauss Fiction Summer camp View
A 4th Course of Chicken Soup for the Soul 101 More Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit SC Can Canfield, Jack, et al. Story Collection Love; Friendship; Wisdom; Happiness; Humor;; Encouragement View
5,000 Miles to Freedom Ellen and William Craft's Flight from Slavery 973.6092 Fra Fradin, Judith Bloom and Dennis Brindell Nonfiction United states; Slavery; Underground railroad; Slaves; United states--history--civil war View
The 5,000-Year-Old Puzzle E Log Logan, Claudia. Sweet, Melissa, illus E Archaeology; Ancient history; Egypt; Death; Tombs View
The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins E Seu Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss, illus E Hats; Kings, queens, and other rulers View
500 Things You Should Know About Animals 591 Joh Johnson, Jinny and Kay, Ann, and Parker, Steve Nonfiction Birds; Insects; Dinosaurs; Spiders; Reptiles; Amphibians; Mammals View
50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet 920.073 Den Denenberg, Dennis, and Lorraine Roscoe Nonfiction Heroes, american View
50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth 332.72 Ear Earthworks Group Montez, Michelle Reference Children; Conservation; Environmentalism; Ecology View